Dark Bowser-Alan

Ice Princess-Julie


The sequel to Dark Bowser pushes Fate off the rooftop and it was a request.


(in Dark Bowser's room)

Dark Bowser: What a kind day it is to relax.

Ice Princess (off-screen): Get downstairs right now!

Dark Bowser: What is it?!


Ice Princess: As punishment for pushing Fate off the rooftop, you have to do the dishes!

Dark Bowser: Really?! I didn't mean to!

Ice Princess: Yes you did! Get started now!

Dark Bowser: Dag nabbit!

(in the kitchen)

Dark Bowser: I hate this chore! You know what?! Screw these dishes!


Ice Princess (off-screen): Dark Bowser, you blue brat!

(back in the living room)

Ice Princess: You broke my dishes! Why would you do that to my property?!

Dark Bowser: Because I hate doing the dishes, and plus, you have no right to tell me what to do, you N*****!

Ice Princess: Excuse me, but you don't EVER call your mother the N-word! How would you like it if I grounded you for 4 days?!

Dark Bowser (running upstairs): Crap! You almost scared me Ice Princess!

Ice Princess: Make that 8 days for calling me by my given name!

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