Characters Edit

Dark Neptune Bowser-Dave



Lawson's dad (Mr. Lawson)-Wiseguy

Neptune Bowser Jr-Tom

Neptune Bowser-Simon

Neptune Princess-Elizabeth

Plot Edit

This takes place right after I was thrown to the sun.

Transcript Edit

Dark Neptune Bowser: Man, I can't believe Fluttershy106, AKA the creator got thrown up to the sun. I got it. I will revive him using this one up mushroom.

(After Dark Neptune Bowser did his thing)

Me: Dark Neptune Bowser, how did I get here?

Dark Neptune Bowser: Well Fluttershy106, you were revived by me after Lawson threw you up to the sun.

Lawson: I can't believe you revived Fluttershy106! He was supposed to be dead!

Neptune Bowser Jr: Yes, what makes you think you can revive him?!

Dark Neptune Bowser: Neptune Bowser Jr, how dare you say that about him?! That's it! I'm telling Mom and Dad! As for you Lawson, I'm going to beat you up!


Lawson: Ouch! That hurts!

Mr. Lawson: What's wrong Lawson? Why are you crying?

Lawson: Dark Neptune Bowser beat me up.

Mr. Lawson: And you deserve it for throwing Fluttershy106 up to the sun!

Lawson: Dad, why are you disrespecting my sadness? 

Mr. Lawson: Because you're a disgrace to Miss Finster and the Third Street School! Let's go home now!

(at Dark Neptune Bowser's house)

Neptune Bowser: Neptune Bowser Jr, we are so disappointed with you! How dare you try to get your brother in trouble after he revived Fluttershy106?! 

Neptune Bowser Jr: Because he deserves to be dead!

Neptune Princess: We don't care! No excuses! You are grounded grounded grounded for six days! Go to your room now!

Neptune Bowser Jr (running upstairs): No fair!

Neptune Bowser: And as for you Dark Neptune Bowser, you are ungrounded for reviving Fluttershy106. You can do what you like.

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