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At the classroom, Miss Finster had a sad announcement to her 5th Grade Students.

Miss Finster: Okay, class. I've got some bad news for all of you.

Knarf: What's that?

Miss Finster: I'm afraid Morris P. Hingle is gone to Mental People's Home and won't be coming back to our school. It is because he became mad and insane.

Lawson: Yeah, we tried to clobber me with a club.

Rachel: Then I saved Lawson from Morris' wrath.

Josh: So? Morris' not coming back?

Miss Finster: No, I'm sorry, class. Morris' gone to Mental People's Home. We are all going to miss him.

Sound Effects Boy: Oh no! Poor Morris! He's gone!

Josh: Yeah, this whomps.

Butch: It's tragic.

Barry: I can't believe he's gone for good.

Some well-behaved 5th Graders were upset, and Lawson and his friends were laughing.

Lawson: Oh boy! No more Morris!

Gelman: Now we can get some peace!

Mundy: Haha! That insect's gone for good!

Skeens: He's staying in Mental People's Home until he dies!

Lazy Kid: Yeah. He won't escape there.

Sue Bob: That's the end of that boogerhead!

Clyde: I agree! He's as stupid as Randall!

Kurst: He won't be better than any of us ever again!

Rachel: If Morris dares escape, he will be grounded even more!

Chucko: Yeah, we'll give Morris a swirly!

Penny: Yeah, that guy's a boogerhead!

Koreo: Morris will enjoy staying in Mental People's Home!

Jocko: Good old Tina is keeping him custody!

Buster: It's because Morris is a madman!

Cheay: Yeah, he's nothing a weirdo!

Lawson: He won't be working for King Bob anymore! That's the last time we see Morris!

Lawson and his friends kept laughing. Miss Finster became annoyed.

Miss Finster: Will you guys stop making fun of Morris being in Mental People's Home?! That's very disrespectful of all of you! That's it! Alright, class! Get out, I've had enough! I'm in a bad mood now!

So the 5th Graders got out of the classroom.

Miss Finster: Man, Lawson and his friends are being so mean! I feel sad about Morris. I miss him so much, and he's one of the best students I taught.


Wiseguy as Miss Finster

Steven as Knarf (Frank Sedgwick), Clyde Philmore and Buster

Eric as Lawson and Mundy

Julie as Rachel Hart

Paul as Joshua Crum and Jocko

Joey as Sound Effects Boy, Barry, Gelman, Chucko Kowalski and Koreo

Kendra as Butch and Sue Bob Murphy

Brian as Skeens

Duncan as Lazy Kid

Kimberly as Kurst the Worst

Emma as Penny

Dave as Cheay

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