Dick Dastardly: Man! I can't stand that Cuddles always doing better than me! I need to find a way to get revenge on him!

Dick Dastardly: I got an idea! I am going to shove Cuddles into my locker! That will teach him a lesson for always doing better than me! Ha x15!

Dick Dastardly: Prepare to get shoved into my locker!

Cuddles: No x23!

Dick Dastardly: Yay! I shoved Cuddles into my locker x2!

Red: Oh x20! Dick Dastardly! How dare you shove Cuddles into your locker! That's it! We are telling Principal Simon on you!

Skipper: Principal Simon! Can you please come here?

Principal Simon: What is it Skipper and Red!

Red: You will not believe this! Dick Dastardly just shoved Cuddles into his locker!

Principal Simon: What! Oh my god! I am going to have a serious talk with him! Thank's for telling me about this!

Principal Simon: Dick Dastardly! How dare you shove Cuddles into your locker, you know that is against the school rules! That's it! You are suspended for 95 days! Go home right now!

Dick Dastardly: No x24!

Cuddles: Oh my god! What happened here?

Principal Simon: It's OK Cuddles, i'm suspended Dick Dastardly from the school for 95 days just for you.

Principal Simon: So, are you OK?

Cuddles: Yes! I'm just fine!

Principal Simon: OK then, now it's back to my office.

Giggles: Cuddles! Are you OK?

Cuddles: Yes Giggles! I am just fine! I only got shoved by Dick Dastardly!

Giggles: Oh good! Anyways, let's get to the cafeteria! The bell for lunch is going to ring in any minute!

Cuddles: OK Giggles! Let's go get lunch together!

Giggles: OK Cuddles!

Dick Dastardly's Mom: Dick Dastardly! How dare you shove Cuddles into your locker and got suspended for 95 days!

Dick Dastardly's Mom: That's it! You are grounded x12 for 5300 weeks!

Dick Dastardly's Mom: Go upstairs to room right now or i sent you to Kazakhstan!

Dick Dastardly (Crying): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Cast voices:

Alan - Dick Dastardly

James - Cuddles

Joey - Red

Rich - Skipper

Simon - Principal Simon

Julie - Giggles

Catherine - Dick Dastardly's Mom

Jorge - Dick Dastardly (Crying)

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