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Professor kukui: Requisition me a beat

(Principal prickly puts a coin to the jukebox, Anna williamson took kukui’s cap while bob carolgees took kukui’s white jacket off to reveal he is shirtless)

professor kukui: (singing) When I was four, there was a hurricane in Kingston town With a foot-and-a-half of water
Everyone was alright, but I cried all night
It blew my alphabet blocks out of order
And they said
"This boy's born top be a Beauracrat
Born to be all obsessive and snotty"
I made my friends and relations
File long applications to get into my tenth birthday party

Lillie: But something changed when my man turned Pro

Professor kukui: I was sortin' but I wasn't smilin'

Lillie: He forgot that it's not about badges and ranks

Professor kukui: It's supposed to be about the filin'! People!
We didn't choose to be Beauracrats
No, that's what Almighty Jah made us
We treat people like swine
And make them stand in line
Even if nobody paid us
They say "The World Looks down on the Bureaucrats"
They say we're "anal", "compulsive", and "weird"
But when push comes to shove
You gotta do what you love
Even if it's not a good idea

Lana: They said I probably shouldn't be a surgeon

Sophocles: They pooh-poo'd my Electric Frankfurter

Mallow: They said I probably shouldn't fly
With just one eye

Kiawe: I am bender. Please insert Girder

Professor kukui: Everybody sing "Jamaica!"

Everyone including citv presenters: Jamaica!

Professor kukui: Just the Bureaucrats: "Jamaica!"

Muppet babies: Jamaica!

Professor kukui: Grade 19's!

Lydia deetz: Jamaica

Professor kukui: Sing me home! When push comes to shove, you gotta do what you love
Even if it's not a good idea!

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