Dora Marquez (aka Dora the Explorer) is the main antagonist of the Dora gets grounded videos, the main protagonist of the Dora Gets Ungrounded videos, and the secondary antagonist of the Caillou gets grounded videos. And she is the second most popular character in Grounded videos. She is a Mexican little girl (often the same age as Caillou, or 7-8 years old). Her most favorite thing to do is exploring, and when she gets grounded she is banned from exploring. When she goes exploring outside, she wanders to many places no matter how they're unsafe, she has no parental supervision at all and has a sidekick blue monkey that talks, wears red boots and loves bananas, who's called Boots. Dora hates her parents and her grandmother because they always ground her and give her punishment days, not realizing that she might deserve them because she's a GoAnimate form of a baby show character, obviously. Dora sometimes carries a purple backpack that apparently contains everything she might need, even things that are too big for a backpack, but it certainly has a talking and singing map.

She is virtually as insane as Caillou, and in GoAnimate videos she is usually depicted as a big time troublemaker, a popular mean girl, a bully, a criminal and a spoiled brat, because, well, she has this "Baby Show Syndrome" that affects most baby show characters in GoAnimate because those GoAnimators won't stop making every children's character into some sort of childish sociopath. Her sworn enemy is Gina Degaldo. At school, she misbehaves almost every day in intense ways and often gets sent home, and her teacher is Mrs. Christina, who always has to handle her misbehavior. Dora has been expelled from plenty of other schools.

Dora also has some unwarranted belief that she is in a video game or a TV show for some reason, and sometimes she likes to talk to an unseen audience of children excessively to the point it's very bothering and repetitive. She tends to break the 4th wall more often than most characters. She also sometimes has some dependence on a blue cursor to help her find things that are actually right next to her and that even a baby could notice. This means she might need very thick glasses.

Dora can be also dependent on Caillou because in many videos she is his friend, or has a crush on him, or his just his girlfriend. She admires how creative he is in his schemes. Dora also hates Diego, her own cousin, because he treats her just like her parents when he comes to "babysit" and doesn't allow her to do anything.

In CFG2004's series, She isn't the troublemaker, however Fora is. she gets ungrounded instead of grounding. and instead of Caillou, she has a crush on Spongebob Squarepants. She is voiced by Vocalware Kate.

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