Dora Gets Angry About Aine For Ranting On Her Show, And Then She Gets Doomed By Gfourtx And Usagi Tsukino.

Cast Edit

  • Dora: Jill
  • Gfourtx: Joey
  • Usagi Tsukino: Princess
  • Aine Yūki: Kayla
  • Elena Marquez: Veena
  • AnimeGamer1: Emma

Transcript Edit

Dora:I Wonder If Its The News.


Dora:GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Person Who Rants My Show Will Beat You Up!

Aine Beats Up Dora For Trying To Get Beaten Up Edit

Aine:You Troublemaker Scum! Why Are You Doing?

Dora:I'm Gonna Beat You Up, Aine!

(Aine Reads Mind And Beat Up Dora)

AnimeGamer1:Woah, You Read Minds!

Aine:Yes, And Call Her Mom Please?

AnimeGamer1:Yes Ma'am.

Dora Gets Beaten Up By Usagi Tsukino For Her Punishment Edit

Gfourtx:Dora, How Dare You Try To Beat Up Aine Yūki, You Know She Is One Of The Aikatsu Characters!

Usagi:Thats It, I Will Beat You Up, MOON PRISM POWER, MAKE UP!

Gfourtx:Usagi, Beat Up Dora By Using Your Moon Powers Please?

Usagi:Yes Sir!

(Sailor Moon Beats Up Dora The Explorer)

Dora:Ouch, Stop Beat Me Up!


Elena:Don't Let Your Kids Watch This Video!



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