Edgy Eddie is a clerk and probably the proprietor of Edgy Eddie's Sneak and Snoop Shop, a small business located somewhere on the ground floor of Townsedge Mall in the Unnamed City.

Voice: Steven


Wife: Unknown wife 

Friends: Randall Weems, Menlo, Leonard Weems, Mrs Weems, TJ Detweiler, Vince LaSSao, Ashley Spinelli, Gretchen Grundler, Mikey Blumberg, Miss Finster, Principal Prickly, Miss Grotke, the Ashleys, Scribe Kid, Jordan and Jerome, King Bob and other good Third Street School students 

Enemies: Earwin Lawson, Gelman, Conrad Mundy, Greg Skeens, Sue Bob Murphy, Lazy Kid, Chucko Kowalski, Jocko, Buster, Cheay, Koreo and Kurst the Worst 

Likes: His job, selling of spying equipment to all of its discerning customers (notably Randall and Menlo), and helping everyone

Dislikes: Troublemakers causing trouble (mainly Lawson), and being framed by troublemakers

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