I bucking hate this guy :(

Eiji is an asshole.

Why He Sucks 700 MILLION DICKS AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!! Edit

  1. Is Japanese-American but wants to be Korean-British.
    • He can't even speak Korean, so why the fuck is he even trying?
  2. He beat me in Minecraft Bedwars.
  3. He hates "obsessive" Anti-SJWs, making him an SJW.
  4. Likes to sleep on the couch instead of his bed, which can give you neck cramps.
  5. He likes K-Pop even though scientists have proven only dumbasses do.
    • Also constantly stans TWICE instead of LOONA.
  6. Thinks Parasite deserves Best Picture more than Joker, clearly proving more that he's a Koreaboo.
  7. He's overrated by the Reception Wiki members, and they always want to give him blowjobs and let him rape their ass (Overrated is a bad quality, alright? Now fuck off).
  8. Bitch.
  9. Goes on Miraheze, proving he's autistic.
  10. Turns on the heater in his room, clearly showing he's a wimp who's unable to stand the cold.
  11. Always changes his profile picture to a K-Pop singer making an ugly face.
  12. He has over 120 subs but always gets fewer views than that, clearly proving he uses subs.
  13. Thinks Got7 and EXO are better than BTS, which BTS is X100000000000000000000000000000000000000 better.
  14. Eats frozen soda. Let that sink in...
  15. Plays Just Dance even though it isn't real exercise, and NASCAR is.
  16. Hates on NASCAR and thinks it's not an athletic sport, when it is and it's 100% athletic, which results in reason 8.
  17. Does the Signal dance whenever nobody's around, even though Signal's the worst song in the history of K-Pop.
  18. Keeps using Google Translate to make funny pages, showing that he doesn't know real comedy.
    • Speaking of which, he likes that shitty singer known as Malinda Kathleen Reese.
  19. Hates mother! and says it doesn't make sense, even though it does.
  20. Claims that 13 Reasons Why promotes suicide, even though it doesn't.
  21. Made up some country called KPopia to rival North Korea.
  22. Constantly eats sushi with his family during a celebration.
  23. Is obsessed with Monty Python and always makes polls related to them on Atrocious YouTubers Wiki, which always fail.
  24. Can draw better than me. :(
  25. Lives in California. OMG THAT PLACE IS SO SJW MOVE OUT OF THERE NOW!!!!!!
  26. Has comments on his profile yet nobody comments on it. How sad.
  27. Always steals food from his mom whenever she's cooking.
  28. He swears like a sailor, both on the internet and in real life. SWEARING IS FUCKING RUDE, YOU DUMBFUCK!!!
  29. Makes pages out of good movies by good directors, such as Deepthroat Nights: The Ballad of Dicky Pussy, Tzuyu and the Gang, and David Failburg himself.
    • He's also started making pages out of movies made by Makunt Izichi.
  30. He don't wanna be somebody. Just wanna be him.
  31. Likes Hereditary even though it's stupid.
    • Also enjoys Midsommar, even though it's one of the worst movies ever!!!
  32. Uses Mii fighters in Super Smash Bros: Ultimate'. This speaks for itself.
  33. Plays Cuphead, even though it's so hard af.
  34. Thinks climate change is real and says we must do something to slow it down.
    • Also, he likes Greta Thunberg and says she's God. NUFF SAID!
  35. Uses Grammarly, showing how lazy he is.
  37. Doesn't use TikTok, showing how unhip and uncool he is.
  38. Likes Ruby Red Squirt better than normal Squirt. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS GUY!!!???
  39. Left Twitter, even though his homie Trevor807 is still on it.
  40. Banned my account on Atrocious YouTubers Wiki.
  41. Hates Lele Pons and thinks she isn't funny, even though she's the funniest person in the world. Even funnier than your grandma.
  42. Stopped liking Anti-SJW channels months ago, proving he's become an SJW.
  43. Dox his ass right now.
  44. Has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Redeeming Qualities Edit


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