Miss Martin-Kate-Brian




Elmo: Barney! Guess What?

Barney: What?

Elmo: I Got A Goanimate Logic Controller!

Barney: What’s That?

Elmo: It’s A Controller That Allows You To Control Goanimate Logic And Mess Around With It!

Barney: Cool!

Elmo: Let’s Test It Out By Sending This Chair Flying.

(Elmo Presses A Button On The Controller, Sending The Chair Flying)

Elmo And Barney: Woah!

Elmo: Let’s Have Some Fun With This Thing.

(Elmo And Barney Go To The School)

Miss Martin: OK Class, Today We Are Going To-

(Elmo Uses The Controller To Change Miss Martin’s Voice)

Miss Martin: *Brian’s Voice* Wait! What Happened To My Voice?

Elmo: Hahahahahahaha!

(Elmo And Barney Go To Caillou’s House. Caillou Is On His Computer)

(Elmo Uses The Controller To Manipulate Caillou’s Voice)

Caillou: *Manipulated* Hi I Am A Fan Of Elmo And I Want To Be His Boyfriend Hahahahaha. Wait A Minute! What Just Happened?

(Elmo Uses The Controller To Manipulate A Sleeping Boris)

Boris: *Manipulated* I Am A Good For Nothing Grounding Dad Who Grounded Caillou For No Reason Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.

(Elmo And Barney Leave Caillou’s House)

Elmo: Let’s Screw Around With Goanimate Logic Some More!

Barney: OK!

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