Mr. Marquez-Paul

Mrs. Marquez-Veena


Elmo: Hey Barney! Let’s Leave The Boundaries Of The Goanimate Universe And Enter The Video Maker!

Barney: Cool! Let’s Run Out Of This Apartment Background!

(Elmo And Barney Run Out Of The Background. They Are Soon In The Video Maker)

Elmo: Wow! We Are In The Video Maker!

Barney: What Videos Can We Control?

Elmo: Let’s Control A Dora Gets Grounded Video!

Barney: Good Idea!

(Elmo And Barney Go To The Video Selection And Find A Dora Video Called ‘Dora Says Hola To The Audience And Gets Grounded)

(Elmo Clicks The ‘Edit Video’ Tab)

Elmo: Let‘s Control This Video!

Dora: Hola! Soy Dora The Explorer! And This Is My Friend-

(Mr. And Mrs. Marquez Teleport Out Of Nowhere)

Mr. Marquez: Dora, How Dare You Say Hola To The Viewers! You Are Grounded For 21 Weeks!

(Elmo Drags The Poop Prop Into The Video And Puts It Behind Dora)

Mrs Marquez: Dora? Did You Just Shit Yourself?

Dora: No! I Did Not!

Elmo: Hahahahahahaha!

Mr. Marquez: In Addition To Your 21 Week Grounding, You Are Grounded For-

(Elmo Stretches Mr. Marquez To Extreme Proportions)

Mrs. Marquez: Holy Shit! Miguel, Are You OK?

Mr. Marquez: I Don’t Know Who Is Doing This To Me! Let’s Get Out Of Here!

(Dora’s Family Runs Out Of The Video)

Elmo: They Did Not Realize That We Were Controlling The Entire Video!

Barney: Let’s Screw With Some More Videos!

Elmo: Yeah!

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