Helicopter Pilot-Paul


Elmo: Man Barney I’m So Hungry. What Should We Eat?

Barney: How About We Call a Helicopter To Airlift a Giant Happy Meal To Us?

Elmo: Great Idea! Hello? Is This Is The Helicopter Service? Yes. I Would Like a Happy Meal To Be Airlifted To Elmo Headquarters. OK. Bye. The Helicopter Should Be Here Soon.

(A Helicopter Engine Is Heard)

Elmo: There It Is!

(A Giant Happy Meal Is Seen Above Elmo HQ)

Helicopter Pilot: Special Delivery For Elmo. (Drops Happy Meal And The Helicopter Leaves)

Elmo: Wow! This Is The Biggest Happy Meal I Ever Ordered! I’m Going To Eat It All!

Barney: Screw You! I Was Going To Eat That Too!

(Elmo Eats The Entire Happy Meal In One Gulp)

Elmo: That Was Good! (His Stomach Starts To Hurt) Barney.

Barney: What Elmo?

Elmo: My Stomach Hurts. And I’m Going To- (Elmo Lets Out A Projectile Stream Of Poop. It Flies Past The Police Station, The Courthouse, And Splatters All Over The School)

Barney: Elmo, That Was The Biggest Poop You Ever Took. And It Got All Over The School!

Elmo: Let’s Pretend That Never Happened.

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