Lazy Elmo-Joey

Lazy Barney-Kayla


Elmo: Hey Barney! Guess What?

Barney: What?

Elmo: I Ordered A Lazy Clone Creator. It Makes A Lazy Clone Of You.

Barney: Cool!

Elmo: Let’s Try It Out!

(Elmo Stands On The Lazy Clone Creator For 3 Seconds. He Steps Off And A Lazy Version Of Elmo Appears)

Lazy Elmo: Hi Me Name Elmoooooooooooooo What’s Your’s?

Barney: Let Me Try It!

(Barney Stands On The Machine For 3 Seconds. A Lazy Version Of Him Appears, But It Looks Like Rintoo From Ni Hao Kai Lan)

Lazy Barney: Hello Me Name Barney Me Pee Pee In Store.

Barney: Holy Shit! What Is That?

Elmo: It’s Your Lazy Clone Barney!

Barney: But It Looks Nothing Like Me.

Elmo: Whatever! Let’s Hang Out With Our Clones!

Barney: OK!

(Elmo And Barney And Their Clones Walk Upstairs)

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