Evil Barney-Simon


Mr. Mundy-Alan

Dark Ristar-Catherine




Evil Barney gets in so much trouble.


Evil Barney: Mundy, thank you for being my friend. You are now ungrounded forever. You can do whatever you like.

(Mundy runs in excited)

Evil Barney: Yes! I ungrounded Mundy!

Mundy: Dad, Evil Barney just ungrounded me!

Mr. Mundy: No! You're still grounded for spreading the word while King Bog raged after Sue Bob ding dong ditched his house! Go to your room now!

Mundy (running in): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Mr. Mundy: Evil Barney, how dare you unground my troublesome son?! That's it! Go home now!

(at home)

Dark Ristar: Dad, how dare you unground Conrad Mundy?! You know better than that!

Evil Barney: But Dark Ristar, I like Conrad Mundy and it shows that I'm evil like him.

Dark Ristar: I don't care! Do you ever unground a bully like Mundy?! No!

Evil Barney: It looks like I have to watch shows featuring my good clone.

Dark Ristar: Watching Barney & Friends will be one of your punishments! 

Evil Barney: Son, I'm your father! You can't treat me this way! I wish my good clone wasn't your father!

Dark Ristar: How dare you wish Good Barney wasn't my dad?! That's it! You're so...

Ristar: What is going on here Dark Ristar and why are you grounding my husband?!

Dark Ristar: It's because he thought it was okay to unground Mundy from Recess!

Barney: Hey! Evil Barney, Ristar and Dark Ristar, keep it down! I'm trying to watch the Wheel! Also, what has my evil clone done now?!

Dark Ristar: Well, he ungrounded Mundy from Recess and wished you weren't my dad!

Barney: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Time for belt beating!

(Censored, as Technical Difficulties appear)

Ristar: Good Barney, you murderer, you almost killed my husband!

Good Barney: Good day! That's what you get for dating a creepypasta character!

Ristar: But...

Good Barney (Willy Wonka sound clip): I SAID GOOD DAY!

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