An audience of flipline characters from gameria games

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The Mayor of Townsville: Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls. it's time for Flipline... idol! Roy And joy, Marty And Rita, Mitch And Maggie, Alberto And Penny, Cooper And prudence, Chuck And Mandi, Taylor And Peggy, James And willow, doan And Utah, Tony And scooter, Rudy And scarlett, Timm And cecilia, matt And clover, and Carlo Romano And koilee!

(audience applausing)

The Mayor of Townsville: with the kid who is pushing the botton, Leafy from BFDI.

(audience applausing)

The Mayor of Townsville: This will the first time for me to become the announcer. And Now as we begin in our contest will be the winner or the loser. now please give it up for the fruit with glasses and a nose with mustache, Pa Grape!

(Crowd Cheering)

Pa grape: Why, hello everybody in the whole planet earth. I am pa grape, it's nice to meet you all for coming to the one and only, flipline idol. Exactly, people. Please we are going to Bring our own Special Surprises that who will be winning or who will be losing or something. And if you try to lose it. then you will be sent to the Tiny Loser Chamber. And Now let's begin on our music concert show.

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