Fluttershy106 was walking down the street. He had got injures and some bruises. He was terribly angry and upset.

Me: I can't take it anymore. I'm never going back to work in Third Street School ever again because some of the fifth and sixth grade bullies made fun of my voice just because I sound like a girl, called me a man-lady, beat me with chairs and insulted me with 13 bad words. And it's not fair, isn't it? My reputation's ruined! Thanks to Lawson and his friends! I want to go work in Spiro T. Agnew Middle School so I can discipline eighth graders like Cy. Or maybe, I would have to move to 98th Street School to assist Paul Prickly, Principal Prickly's brother. I've never been so humiliated in all my life. I wish I can get my normal voice back so I can give orders to students again. I would decide to choose staying in Third Street School or move to Spiro T. Agnew Middle School or 98th Street School. I'll get Lawson for the mockery! Curse him! The car drove by, splashing a puddle of water all over Fluttershy106.

Me: Grrrr! Stupid puddle! People splashed it all over me! Now I'm wet!

Fluttershy106 stomped off, and then Morris P. Hingle walked up to him.

Morris: Hey, Fluttershy106! Are you alright?

Me: No! Lawson and the other bullies made fun of my voice just because I sound like a girl, called me a man-lady, beat me with chairs and insulted me with 13 bad words. This is the worst day ever.

Morris: Now now now. Don't let those guys get you down. Why don't you go home and take a rest. Ask your girlfriend if you can get your normal voice back.

Me: Yes. You're right, Morris. I'll do it. Thanks for telling me.

Morris: You're welcome.

So Morris walked off. Fluttershy106 kept walking along and he started crossing the zebra crossing and the car transporter was driving in and was coming towards Fluttershy106.

Driver: Oh dear.

The driver braked, only just managed to stop before hitting Fluttershy106. Fluttershy106 flinched in the usual getting-run-over way.

Me: Phew! Boy, that...

Rather than being run over, a car fell from the top of the car transporter and landed onto Fluttershy106.

Me: OW!!

Fluttershy106 was badly injured. Later in the hospital, Fluttershy106 woke himself up and found himself in the hospital. TJ and the Gang and Fluttershy106's girlfriend Nancy were looking at him, smiling.

Spinelli: He's waking up!

Nancy: Oh, Fluttershy106, I'm so glad you're all right!

TJ: You got your voice back.

Vince: Yeah, the doctor changed your voice back to normal so no one can think you sound like a girl anymore.

Me: (now Steven's voice) Really?

Vince: Yes.

Me: Hey! I got my normal voice back. I can go now.

Gretchen: Try not to move, Fluttershy106. You swallowed a lot of motor oil.

Mikey: It's because oil fell into your mouth when the car landed on you.

Gus: Don't worry. You'll be better soon. You just had a major surgery.

Me: What?

Then Fluttershy106 looked at his side and saw stitches.

Me: Oh great! Now I have to stay in the hospital.

TJ: The doctors had set your broken bones and put your blood back in, and they just gave you the kidney transplant.

Me: Oh dear. I think I have to go to sleep.

Nancy: Don't worry. You will be better soon. Trust me.

Me: I don't think I'm useful to the job as a substitute principal of Third Street School anymore. I need to go work in 98th Street School.

TJ: What?! You're never coming back to our school anymore?

Vince: Oh no.

Spinelli: This is tragic!

Gretchen: We all are going to miss him.

Mikey: Yeah. We'll miss you, Fluttershy106.

Gus: We hope you feel better.

Me: That's right, I have to go work in 98th Street School when I recover. Goodbye, TJ. Goodbye, Vince. Goodbye, Spinelli. Goodbye, Gretchen. Goodbye, Mikey. And goodbye, Gus.

TJ and the Gang: Goodbye, Fluttershy106.

TJ and the Gang walked away, feeling sad.

TJ: We'll miss you, Fluttershy106.


Sammantha as Me

Brian as Morris P. Hingle

Simon as Car Transporter Driver

Julie as Spinelli

Kate as My Girlfriend (Nancy)

Eric as TJ Detweiler

Paul as Vince LaSSao

Steven as Me

Amy as Gretchen Grundler

Joey as Mikey Blumberg

Evil Genius/David/Zack as Gus Griswald

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