Fox: What have we Here Junior (1994) this could be it.

(109 minutes later)

Fox: Wow Mpreg film Sweet don't mind if i download Mpreg images on Deviantart.

(Custard downloads Mpreg images of Sora)

Spyro the Dragon: Hey Fox... Is that Mpreg images of Sora?

Fox: Yep.

Spyro the Dragon: Fox Mpreg is inappropriate and What Film is that, Why is Alex Hesse have Pregnancy?

Fox: It's Called Junior (1994).

Spyro the Dragon: Big Sister! How Dare you Watch Junior (1994) and Download Mpreg Images of Sora on Deviantart? You know they're stupid! I'm Gonna Tell Sora What you Did!

Sora: Spyro, Can We Help.

Spyro the Dragon: You Guys Can Help by Deleting All Mpreg Images on Deviantart and Destroying Junior (1994) DVD!

Sora: Mpreg out of Me!? We'll Get Right On It!

(Sora Destroying Mpreg DVD)

(Red Claw, Tyrannor, Lincoln Loud, Toothless, Po, Alex, Crash Bandicoot and Lewis Robinson Deletes Mpreg Images)

Fox: No No No! Download them Back!

Sora: Never! Mpreg shouldn't bee part of Life! We're Gonna Call the Internet Inspector to Cancel all Mpreg Images!!

Gumball Watterson: Buy the Way I'm Calling the Cops!

Officer Jenny: Alright! What's Going Gone Here!?

Sora: Look What Fox just Did Mpreg Images of Me Isn't Funny!

Officer Jenny: Fox, You're Under arrest for Uploading Mpreg Images of Sora!


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