Fritz-Young Guy/Charlie


Gelman's dad-Simon

Jock (TheFunEditor4)-Dallas

Gelman's mom and Leslie-Belle


Fritz, the son of Jock and Leslie, gets in trouble. Jock and Leslie are in their adult looks so Jock's voice is Dallas and Leslie's voice is Belle, which is the same as Sheila's (Gelman's mom). 


Fritz: Gelman, thank you for  being my friend. You are now ungrounded forever. You can do what you want.

(Gelman runs in excited)

Fritz: Yes! I ungrounded Gelman! 

Gelman: Dad, Fritz just ungrounded me!

Gelman's dad: Fritz, how dare you unground Gelman?! That's it! Go home now while we call your parents!

(meanwhile at Fritz's house)

Jock: Isn't it a lovely day Leslie?

Leslie: It sure is Jock.

(Leslie's phone goes off)

Leslie: Hold that thought Jock.

Jock: Okay.

Leslie: This is Leslie Sanders speaking.

Gelman's mom's voice: This is Sheila, the mother of Gelman. Wait... a... minute! Why do you sound like me?!

Leslie: My original voice was lighter and I used to be Juan's adopted sister, but I got plastic surgery and now my voice sounds like you. Anyways, what you want?

Gelman's mom's voice: Your son Fritz ungrounded my son Gelman! Please ground him when he gets home! Thanks and goodbye!

(Fritz enters and his parents are upset)

Jock: Fritz, we got a call from Gelman's mom, Sheila! She told us you ungrounded her son! Is this true?

Fritz: Yes it is.

Jock: Fritz, we can't believe you ungrounded Gelman! You know he is a really bad boy for all of the bad stuff he has done!

Leslie: You are grounded grounded grounded for 2 days! Go to your room now!

Fritz (running upstairs): Fine Mom and Dad.

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