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Professor kukui: We are going to see beetlejuice (1988) since my only daughter, Lydia Deetz wanted to see it.

Lydia Deetz: that’s right, and Winona ryder did the role of me

Fubuki: But Kukui, I don’t wanna see Beetlejuice. Besides that movie is stupid. I want to stay home and watch KaBlam. I don’t wanna go.

Professor kukui: Too bad, We are going to see Beetlejuice and that’s final,now let’s get in the car.

Fubuki: Can we go to Roy Rogers?

Lydia Deetz: No we are going straight to see beetlejuice. You can eat when we go to the movies.

Fubuki: But I’m really really really really hungry.

Lydia deetz: Fine

(45 minutes later)

Lydia deetz: Hurry up (15x)

Fubuki: Lydia, Just let me finish my food.

(When they got to the movies)

Lydia Deetz: Don’t shut up the movie is almost over. OMG, the movie just ended oh(15x)

Fubuki: Can I have a chance to see KaBlam.

Professor kukui: No. Because you destroyed the movie. We ordered a lot tickets to see Beetlejuice. Because my only daughter, Lydia Deetz, wanted to see it. Because she is the new student of Pokemon school

Lydia Deetz: When you get home there will be no KaBlam,no Disney,no Shimajiro,and etc.

Fubuki: But I’m really really really really sorry.

Professor kukui, Sorry‘s don’t help.

(At Alola)

Fubuki (crying in her room) I wanted to watch KaBlam.

Professor kukui: Sorry, your not watching kablam, your watching the 1984 version of the muppet babies, start watching this, because Lydia likes the 1984 version. If I hear that kablam is on, Lydia Deetz will throw you up and she’ll sing the 1984 muppet babies theme song, oh, I forgot, You will forget your memories about fire emblem,kaBlam,maple town,your show,touhou,Shimajiro,Disney,Nickelodeon and more shows for babies and children.

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