Gage Creed: I hate Lincoln! he always grounds me for watching Truth or Dare! I got it! I will get him arrested! I will litter a soda can on the ground!

(Gage Creed throws Soda on the ground)

Lincoln Loud: Hey who littered that?, I Would never litter like that.

Police Officer: You are under arrest for littering the can of Soda!

Lincoln Loud: But I Didn't Do It i Saw it Laying on the Ground.

Police Officer: I don't care now Get in the car!

(in jail)

Police Officer: This is your cell! You will stay there for 200 days!

Lincoln Loud: I can't believe I got arrested Now my Family is Going to Kill me. Wait a minute, it was Gage Creed who littered the Soda and got me arrested! I am so telling That Officer the Truth, Hey Officer!

Police Officer: What is It?

Lincoln Loud: I took a closer look at the Soda on the Sidewalk and Framed Me!

Police Officer: My Mistake You're Free to Go!

(at home)

Lincoln Loud: (Banging on the Door)

Sora: No Need to Bang the Door i'm right here now how can i help you?

Lincoln Loud: Are You Gage Creed's Big Brother?

Sora: Yes I'am now what are you here for?

Lincoln Loud: Gage Creed's Punishment he got me arrest for Littering Soda on the Sidewalk.

Gage Creed: What?

Lincoln Loud: Yeah you should ground him for Littering Moca Cola on the Sidewalk!


Gage Creed: Can Help You Big Brother?

Sora: Gage, Lincoln said you Got him Arrested for Littering Soda on the Sidewalk, My Mom will find out that you got him Arrested for Littering Soda.

Aqua: Sora, Gage I'm Home you can help with the... Wait a minute What's Lincoln Doing Here?

Lincoln Loud: Gage Creed Got Me arrest for Littering Soda on the Sidewalk!

Sora: It's True Mom he told me my brother made that Happen!

Aqua: Gage Creed, How dare you Get Lincoln Arrested for Soda on the Sidewalk so That's It Your Grounded Grounded Grounded for 4 Months Go Upstairs Now!!!!!

Gage Creed: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! (In Finn's Voice)

Aqua: Alright Lincoln, Instead of Gage Creed Helping Brandy and Me with the Groceries we were Wonder you would do it?

Lincoln Loud: Alright.


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