Even though Eric is caught, Garrick still respects his opinion. Eric and Garrick are adults now. His sisters Jill and Penelope are getting age surgery so in a future video, Penelope's voice might be Julie and Jill's voice might be Samantha.


Eric: I'm going to watch Recess Bullies Get Grounded while Jill and Penelope are at the hospital and while Garrick is doing his presentation for work.

(15 minutes later)

Eric: I gotta admit that Mundy, Gelman and Lawson are even worse than my bully Brian at school.

Garrick (off-screen): Eric, did I hear that you are watching Recess Bullies Get Grounded?!

Eric: Oh no!

Garrick: You'd better explain this to me! Are you watching Recess Bullies Get Grounded?!

Eric: To tell you the truth, I am. Also, don't tell Mom and Dad. They'll ground me for a week.

Garrick: I'm not going to tell on you. The reason why I yelled at you was because my presentation for work was due tomorrow and I heard the TV in the background. Also, since you were watching Recess Bullies Get Grounded, I respect your opinion.

Eric: Let's watch it together.

(another 15 minutes later)

Garrick: Hahahahahahahahahahah soi soi soi soi rofl rofl rofl rofl! That was the best show ever! 

Diesel: Garrick, what's so funny and what show are you watching with your brother Eric?

Kimberly: Tell us right now.

Garrick: It's Recess Bullies Get Grounded. Mundy, Gelman and Lawson are the worst people on that show, as I do say so myself.

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