Lazy Kid-Duncan

Twinky Winky-Simon


La La-Ivy

Po-Shy Girl

Lazy Kid's dad-Dave

Lazy Kid's mum-Salli



(Lazy Kid was watching TV)

Lazy Kid: I will watch TV while grounded if my parents aren't here.

Announcer: Coming up next, it's the Teletubbies, only on PBS Kids.

(Lazy Kid was angry)

Lazy Kid: No, Teletubbies suck. That's it, I'm getting my chainsaw and kill the Teletubbies once and for all. And the show will be cancelled.

(at Teletubbyland)

Lazy Kid: Stand back Teletubbies, more like Telebubby killers, I will kill you all.

Twinky Winky: No (x15).

Dipsy: No (x15).

La La: No (x15).

Po: No (x15). Please don't kill us.

Lazy Kid: Too bad. Prepare to be killed by the chainsaw.

(Fight is censored)

Lazy Kid: Yes, I finally killed the Teletubbies.

(At home, Lazy Kid's parents were furious with Lazy Kid, as well as indignant about the Teletubbies' deaths) 

Lazy Kid's dad: Gerard, how dare you kill the Teletubbies, why the heck did you do that.

Lazy Kid: Because they suck, and I hate that show, and so do my friends, even Mundy, Skeens, Sue Bob and Kurst.

Lazy Kid's mum: We don't care, that's it. Your grounded for two weeks. As for your punishment, you will watch the Teletubbies for two weeks.

Lazy Kid: No (X20). Please mum and dad, I don't want to watch the Teletubbies.

Lazy Kid's dad: Too bad, now instead of saying go to your room, but I say this. Start watching the Teletubbies right now, if not, you will be taken by Dr Phillium Bendict to his house to be babysitted.

(The End)

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