Gelman: Look up in the sky! The giant meteor is hurtling towards earth!

Jimmy Neutron: Where? (Gelman reaches inside of Jimmy's pants pocket and takes out his wallet)

Gelman: Oh you'll see it.

Jimmy Neutron: I can't see it.

Gelman: Well too bad, kid. Because I tricked you and found what i was looking for. [laughs as he runs off with the wallet].

Jimmy Neutron: Hey! Come back here! Give me back my wallet!

Officer Jenny: Hey! Stop thief!

Jimmy Neutron: Officer Jenny, Gelman stole my wallet!

Officer Jenny: Gelman, you're under arrest!

Gelman: But I-I-I didn't intentionally do anything wrong.

Officer Jenny: Tell It to the Judge Pickpocket.

Gelman's Dad: Gelman, how dare you steal Jimmy Neutron's wallet? That's it, you're grounded for 7 weeks.


Joey as Gelman

Paul as Jimmy Neutron

Julie as Officer Jenny

Simon as Gelman's dad

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