Miss Finster and Principal Prickly-Wiseguy

Gelman's dad-Simon


Gelman gets in big trouble.


Miss Finster: Okay class, it's time for trivia. Gelman, what is the biggest planet in our solar system?

Gelman: Is it the sun?

Miss Finster: Gelman, the sun is not a planet! The correct answer is Jupiter! Also, why did you bring a clawshot to school?!

Gelman: It's because I want to use it to grab stuff.

Miss Finster: That's it! Principal's office now!

(in office)

Principal Prickly: So Gelman, what brings you here?

Gelman: I got the question wrong and brought a clawshot.

Principal Prickly: Gelman, you know we don't bring anything from The Legends of Zelda! That's it! You're suspended for 2 days! Get out now!

Gelman's dad: Gelman, I can't believe you brought my clawshot to school! That's it! You are grounded grounded grounded for 4 days! Go to your room now!

Gelman (running upstairs, SpongeBob Squarepants Artist at Sea sound clip): NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Gelman's crying voice is replaced with the Artist at Sea's big no sound during the scene in the SpongeBob Squarepants episode Frankendoodle  where he breaks his pencil and learns he must bring a pencil sharpener.

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