Miss Finster-Wiseguy


Vince LaSalle-Paul

Gelman's dad-Simon


Vince LaSalle keeps on stealing Gelman's answers so he calls him the N-Word.


Miss Finster: Okay class, we're going to have a combined class in Miss Grotke's classroom for a math test.

(later as Miss Finster's class joined with Miss Grotke's class)

Miss Finster: Okay my students and Miss Grotke's students, it's time for math. Gelman, what's the square product of 17?

Vince LaSalle: It's 289.

Miss Finster: That's correct Vince.

Gelman: Hey! That was my answer, not yours!

Miss Finster: Watch your language! Anyways, Gelman, what's 74X9?

Vince LaSalle: It's 666.

Miss Finster: That's correct Vince!

Gelman: Hey! That was my answer!

Miss Finster: Stop this right now!

Gelman: No! Vince, does it look like Miss Finster called on you?!

Vince LaSalle: I was only trying to help you!

Gelman: No! Helping me counts as stealing my answers! You should stop this right now before I break your jaw!

Vince LaSalle: Hey! You don't EVER threaten me like that!

Gelman: Then stop taking my answers, you stupid N*****!

Miss Finster: Congratulations Gelman, you just earned a ticket to the principal's office!

Gelman: Thank you!

Miss Finster: I was being sarcastic!

(in the office)

YankieDude5000: So Gelman, why are you here?

Gelman: Vince LaSalle kept on taking all of my answers so I called him the N-Word.

YankieDude5000: Vince may have been trying to help you, but calling him the N-Word really offended him! That's it! You're suspended for 23 days! Get out now!

(at home)

Gelman's dad: Gelman, have you lost your mind?! I heard you lost your temper towards Vince LaSalle and called him the N-Word! That's it! You are grounded grounded grounded for 2 days! Go to your room now!

Gelman (running upstairs): Yes Dad!

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