Characters Edit


Miss Finster-Wiseguy



Gelman's dad-Simon

Plot Edit

Gelman gets in big trouble.

Transcript Edit

Miss Finster: Okay class, it's time for a test on the Titanic.

Gelman: Oh no! I forgot to study!

Miss Finster: Good luck on them.

Gelman: I will cheat off of Randall's test.

Randall: Hey! You cheated off my test!

Miss Finster: What seems to be the problem?

Randall: Gelman just cheated off my test!

Miss Finster: Gelman, how dare you cheat off Randall Weems' test?! That's it! Go to the principal's office and I'm taking your test!

(in office)

Gelman: This is the eighth time I got sent here and you're still here Fluttershy106!

Me: That's right. Even though Principal Prickly is feeling better, his plane is delayed due to a 10 week blizzard. Anyways, why are you here?

Gelman: I cheated off of Randall Weems' test.

Me: Gelman, we don't cheat off people's tests! That's it! I'm giving you a suspension level 19! Get out of here right now!

Gelman's dad: Gelman, how dare you cheat off of someone's test in school?! That's it! You're grounded grounded grounded for 4 weeks! Go to your room now!

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