McDonald's clerk-Dallas

Gelman's mom-Belle


This takes place right after Gelman interrupted people while they were talking.


Gelman: Man, I can't believe I got grounded for interrupting people while they were talking. Not only that, but also, Dad got grounded after he crotch kicked me. I want to go to McDonald's.


Gelman: Mom?

Gelman's mom: What is it Gelman?

Gelman: Can I go to McDonald's?

Gelman's mom: No! You're still grounded for interrupting people while they're talking!

Gelman: But Dad's still grounded after he kicked me in the groin.

Gelman's mom: I don't care! Just because your father's still grounded after he kicked you in the groin doesn't mean you should go to McDonald's! Think of something else!

Gelman (walking upstairs): Fine!

(In Gelman's room)

Gelman: This isn't fair! Even though Dad is grounded, Mom won't let me go to McDonald's! I know! I will sneak through the window!

(at McDonald's)

McDonald's clerk: Who are you?

Gelman: I'm Gelman. I would like 20 chicken nuggets and a large Coke.

McDonald's clerk: Here you go.

Gelman: Thanks.

(after Gelman ate his meal)

Gelman: That was  good.

(Gelman goes back home and his mom is angry)

Gelman's mom: Gelman, did you go to McDonald's when I told you not to?!

Gelman: Yes I did.

Gelman's mom: Gelman, how dare you do that?! You're lucky I didn't call the police! You are grounded grounded grounded for 3 days! Go to your room now!

Gelman (running upstairs): This isn't fair!

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