Gelman's dad-Simon

Caillou-David/Evil Genius/Zack

Rosie-Shy Girl



Rosie's screaming voice-Kidaroo


Gelman gets in big trouble.


Gelman: Man, I hate Caillou. I know what to do. I will make a grounded video out of him.

(15 minutes later)

Gelman: Let's preview it.

Caillou: "I'm gonna watch The Hunger GamesCatching Fire while my parents are outside and while my younger sister, Rosie's playing with her new dollhouse."

146 minutes later........

Caillou: "Wow, I gotta agree with myself, that's a super good science fiction adventure film."

Rosie (off screen): "Caillou, did I just hear you watch The Hunger GamesCatching Fire?"

Caillou: "Oh crap, I hear Rosie's voice."

Rosie: "You better explain this to me, Caillou, were you watching The Hunger GamesCatching Fire?"

Caillou (while holding a gun): "Stop checking on me!"

Rosie (Kidaroo's voice): "GET THAT GUN AWAY FROM ME!"

Caillou: "I will if you go away!"

Rosie: "I said put the gun down!"

Boris: "What is going on?!"

Caillou (while pulling the trigger): "Oops!"

(Rosie is dead)

Doris: "You watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and threatened your baby sister with a gun?!

Caillou: "I also killed her!"

Boris: "What?! How dare you kill your baby sister?! She was supposed to keep an eye on you while we were gone! You are grounded grounded grounded for 2 days! Go to your room now!"

(video ends)

Gelman: That was good!

Gelman's dad: Gelman, how dare you make a grounded video out of Caillou?! He was my favourite PBS character! You are grounded grounded grounded for 4 days! Go to your room now!

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