Principal Prickly and Miss Finster-Wiseguy

Paul Prickly-Dallas

Jose Marquez and Nigel Plum-Brian


Daniel Osborne-Dave

Miss Lemon-Kate

Gelman's dad-Simon


Gelman does a bad job.


Gelman: Damn it! Why does Principal Prickly have to contact my father every time I make a grounded video out of him, which is inspired by NathanDesignerBoy7's Evil Warren Gets Grounded?! This has got to stop! It's time to teach him a lesson!

(15 minutes later)

Gelman: There! It's done!

(at Principal Prickly's house)

Principal Prickly: Now that I'm home, I will watch some funny signs videos. Hey?! What's this?!

(video begins)

Principal Prickly: "Yes! I finally made the opening to Atlas Shrugged Part I from 1995, real not fake."

(Paul Prickly walks into Principal Prickly's room)

Principal Prickly: "Oh crap!"

Paul Prickly: "Did I hear you make another fake VHS opening?"

Principal Prickly: "Yes."

Paul Prickly: "What did you make?"

Dora: "The opening to Atlas Shrugged Part I from 1995. Real, not fake."

Paul Prickly: "Let me see."

(Principal Prickly gets off the computer and Principal Prickly sat on a chair. Minutes later he is shocked about what his brother is doing.)

Paul Prickly: "Petey, the opening is fake. Atlas Shrugged Part I didn't exist until 2011. That's it! You are grounded (8x) for double tranquility! Now I'm going to call Jose Marquez on the phone!"

Jose Marquez: (over the phone) "Hello, Jose Marquez here. How may I help you?"

Paul Prickly: "Petey uploaded the opening to Barnyard from 1995. Real not fake. I told him it was fake!"

Jose Marquez: "What?! Peter is in bigger trouble! I'm bringing all of my friends over!"

(30 minutes later)

Paul Prickly: "Petey, you have some visitors who want to see you!"

Jose Marquez: "I'm Jose Marquez. Peter, I've got something for you!"

Principal Prickly: "What is it?"

[Jose Marquez gets out a bag of diapers]

Principal Prickly: "Oh no! Not diapers!"

[Jose Marquez puts a diaper on Principal Prickly]

Principal Prickly: "Ouch, that hurts! I wish you were all dead."

Principal Prickly: "Peter, how dare you wish us all dead!"

Principal Prickly: "I wish my good clone was eaten by dinosaurs."

Jose Marquez: "Peter, how dare you wish the good Peter was eaten by dinosaurs!"

Nigel Plum: "Hello again, Dora. I'm Nigel Plum. I heard what you put on YouTube."

Daniel Osborne: "I'm Daniel Osborne. I'm mad at you for making another fake VHS opening."

PowerJohn25UTTP: "I'm PowerJohn25UTTP. Peter, Atlas Shrugged I didn't exist until 2011."

Miss Finster. "I'm Miss Finster. You are almost the worst principal in the history of the Third Street School."

Miss Lemon: "And I'm Miss Lemon. You're fired for a month!"

Miss Finster: "Now hear this. You will be wearing diapers for the rest of your life!"

PowerJohn25UTTP: "There will be no YouTube, no fake VHS stuff, no train movies and shows, no train video games, no train toys, no train music, and no more anything made with trains."

Daniel Osborne: "There's also no fast food places related to Pepsi."

Nigel Plum: "You will be forced to watch shows and movies not with trains for the rest of your life."

Jose Marquez: "If you come near me ever again, I will push you to the ground!"


Jose Marquez: "Ouch! Stop kicking me in the crotch!"

Principal Prickly: "Then don't threaten me!"

Paul Prickly: "I agree with everyone. Now start watching shows not about trains and listen to music not about trains, or you'll be grounded for triple tranquility."

(Cut to: Principal Prickly watching TV)

Principal Prickly: "Looks like I'm going to wear diapers and what I'm forced to watch for the rest of my life!"

(video ends)

Principal Prickly: Oh my Goodness! This is the third time Gelman has made a grounded video out of me! This might be the time to take a mace and punish Gelman, but let's not do that because I might be sent to the Insane Hospital! Let's see how he likes it if I dial his dad! Plus, I'm not an evil clone as well!

(15 minutes later)

Gelman's dad: Gelman, I got a call from your principal! He told me you made a grounded video out of him for the third time! Is this true?!

Gelman: Yes, it is!

Gelman's dad: Gelman, how dare you do that to your own principal? That's it! You are grounded grounded grounded for 20 days! Go to bed right now!

Gelman: Yes dad!

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