Cast Edit

Joey as Gelman

Simon as Gelman's Dad

Kate as Miss Lemon

Eric as Scizor

Transcript Edit

Gelman: I'm going to school.

Miss Lemon: Sorry. School is over. Come back next time!

Gelman: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

(At Gelman's house. Gelman's Dad is upset at Gelman)

Gelman's Dad: Gelman. How dare you miss school?! That's it! You are grounded for 100 days! For your punishment. Scizor is going to beat you up with his Burst Attack!

(Scizor appears)

Scizor: I'm Scizor. What the hell your dad wants me for?

Gelman's Dad: Well. My son missed school. Now. He needs to be beaten up!

Scizor: What? You want me to beat up your son with my Burst Attack?

Gelman's Dad: Yes!

Scizor: Come on. Gelman. Follow me to the backyard!

(Gelman follows Scizor to the backyard)

(Cut to: The backyard)

Scizor: Now. Here comes the beating. But first. I will mega evolve.

(Scizor mega evolves)

Scizor: (As Mega Scizor) Now. I'm gonna take you down until you bleed!

(Mega Scizor dives foward and hits Gelman in a upward arc. Then he strikes Gelman multiple times in an upward zigzag pattern and slams him down to the ground. Mega Scizor grows bigger wings made of energy. He then dives down at Gelman)

Gelman: (While Scizor is beating him up with his Burst Attack) Nooooooooooooooooooooo!

(Mega Scizor causes a large explosion)

(Gelman is sent flying until...)


(Gelman hits the ground)

Gelman: Ouch! (Audio of Team Homer) Oh, no, my brains. (normal) Ow!

Scizor: (Offscreen) This is want you get for missing school!

(At Gelman's house. Gelman's Dad is super duper happy with Scizor)

Gelman's Dad: Scizor. Thanks for beating Gelman up with your Burst Attack. You're ungrounded!

Scizor: Thanks. I'm going home!

(Scizor leaves)

Gelman's Dad: Man! Gelman is a bad boy!

(Gelman wakes up, screaming)


(Gelman realises something)

Gelman: Wait a minute! It's just a dream! After all, missing school is just a dream! And getting beaten up by Scizor is just a nightmare!

(Suddenly, Gelman hears his dad calling)

Gelman's dad's voice: Gelman, I got a call from Lieutenant Griswald! And he told me that you made a grounded video out of his son! Why did you do that?

Gelman: Uh oh! I must confess to my dad now!

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