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Miss Finster-Wiseguy


Gelman's dad-Simon

Plot Edit

Gelman gets in big trouble.

Transcript Edit

(in class)

Miss Finster: And that's all America's 45 Presidents. Now we're going to have Recess on the roof.

(on the roof and everyone is having fun)

Gelman: Man! How can I get revenge on Randall without getting caught? I know! I'm going to push him off the building! Hahahahahahahahahahah soi soi soi soi rofl rofl rofl rofl!

Randall: Here comes trouble!

Gelman: Randall Weems, you have snitched on me one too many times!

Randall: So what?!

Gelman: I'm going to teach you a lesson!

Randall: Like what?

(He pushes Randall off the building)

Gelman: I hope that taught you a lesson!

(Buzz sounds)

Me: Attention Gelman, please report to my office right now!

(in office)

Gelman: This is the 16th time you called me here! You know you can't do that!

Me: Yes I can! Anyways, do you know why I called you in here?

Gelman: I pushed Randall off the building because he keeps on snitching on me!

Me: Gelman, we don't push other people off the school building roof! You're getting a Suspension Level 30! You're lucky Randall survived or else you would have gotten double your Suspension Level, which is Suspension Level 60! Go home now!

(at home)

Gelman's dad: Gelman, I can't believe you pushed Randall off the school building! You're lucky you're not in jail but you're still grounded grounded grounded until Randall recovers! Go to you room now!

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