Characters Edit

Miss Finster-Wiseguy



Gelman's dad-Simon

Principal Prickly-Wiseguy

Plot Edit

Gelman gets in big trouble.

Transcript Edit

Miss Finster: Okay class, we're taking a field trip to Peter Piper's Pizza.

Gelman: No! I hate Peter Piper's Pizza! 

Miss Finster: Gelman, you don't talk to me like that! We're going to Peter Piper's Pizza and that's final!

Gelman: How about you shut up you stupid (CENSORED BY TRAIN WHISTLE)!

Miss Finster: Gelman, you have dropped the ball on me for the last time! How dare you call me the N word?! That's it! You're going to the principal's office!

(in office)

Gelman: This is the 18th time I was called here.

Me: That's right. Do you know why?

Gelman: I refused to go to Peter Piper's Pizza.

Me: That's it! I'm going to skip Suspension Level 33 and give you Suspension Level 34! Get out of here right now!

Gelman (while leaving): Curse you Fluttershy106!

Me (after the door slams): Make that Suspension Level 35! Do you want to push me further?

(phone rings)

Me: This is Fluttershy106 speaking.

Principal Prickly: How is it taking my place?

Me: It's fine. I still have to complain about Gelman. He has been acting badly 18 times since he refused to go to Peter Piper's Pizza.

Principal Prickly: Are you giving him any detention levels?

Me: Even worse than that: Suspension Levels.

Principal Prickly: What are Suspension Levels?

Me: Suspension Levels are worse than Detention Levels. It's when they're suspended from school. Gelman is like Banter.

Principal Prickly: How?

Me: Banter counts how many times Jay does harm to his sister Prism while Gelman counts how many times I call him to the office.

Principal Prickly: That is a serious situation indeed.

(back at Gelman's house)

Gelman's dad: Gelman, I got a call from the substitute principal! He said you refused to go on the field trip to Peter Piper's Pizza! You are grounded grounded grounded for 10 days! Go to your room now!

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