Gelman-Joey, Dallas

McJuggernuggets-David/Evil Genius/Zack

Gelman's dad-Simon

Gelman's mom-Belle


Gelman gets in big trouble.


Gelman: Hello, what's your name?

McJuggernuggets: Jesse Ridgway.

Gelman: Why does your dad destroy your stuff?

McJuggernuggets: Because I keep disrespecting him and he wants me to get a job so that's why he destroys my stuff.

Gelman: Did he destroy Halo 2?

McJuggernuggets: Yes, he destroyed that as well as my games.

Gelman: How come you don't have a job?

McJuggernuggets: Look! I don't want to talk about that right now and if you talk smack to me, I will dial your parents!

Gelman: Fine! Then, I shall act like the Angry Grandpa towards you! (Dallas' voice) Hi! I'm Charles Green, aslo known as the Angry Grandpa! I like to break stuff over losing games, pecan pinwheels and much more!

McJuggernuggets: You acted like the Angry Grandpa towards me?! That's it! I'm now calling your parents!

(at home)

Gelman's dad: Gelman, how dare you talk smack to McJuggernuggets and act like the Angry Grandpa towards him?!

Gelman: But Mom and Dad, he wouldn't tell me why he didn't get a job yet.

Gelman's dad: It doesn't matter! You are grounded grounded grounded for 5 days!

Gelman's mom: Go to your room now!

Gelman (running upstairs): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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