King Bob-Eric

Miss Finster and Principal Prickly/Wiseguy

Gelman's dad-Simon


Gelman gets in big trouble.


(in the hallway)

Gelman: So when do you think we can get married Tara?

Tara: I don't know.

King Bob: Sorry I was in the bathroom. Let's...

Gelman: Oops.

King Bob: Oops is right! Gelman, how dare you try to marry my girlfriend Tara?!

Gelman: Well I guess it's over.

Tara: That's right!

King Bob (while holding a gun): And if I see you near my girlfriend again, I will shoot you with this gun!

Miss Finster: Enough! Gelman, how dare you hijack King Bob's girlfriend Tara and Robert, how dare you threaten Gelman with a gun?! You're both going to the principal's office!

King Bob: But Miss Finster, that was the only way to teach Gelman a lesson about stealing my girlfriend!

Miss Finster: Threats won't work! Go there now!

(in the office)

Principal Prickly: So Gelman and Robert, why are you here?

Gelman: For my side of the story, I attempted to marry Tara.

King Bob: And for my side of the story, I was going to shoot Gelman because he stole my girlfriend!

Principal Prickly (to Gelman): Gelman, you know we don't steal other people's girlfriends! You are suspended for 12 days! Get out now! (to King Bob) And Robert, even though you stopped Gelman from marrying your girlfriend, why did you have to threaten to murder him?

King Bob: Because it really ticks me off if someone including Gelman steals my girlfriend.

Principal Prickly: Robert, we don't use any weapon in this school. Instead of suspending you, I'm letting you off the hook with a warning. If I catch you doing that again, you're going to be suspended and I mean it this time.

King Bob: Thanks Principal Prickly. I should have said to Gelman, "If I see you near my girlfriend again, I will contact Ashley A to take you to the dodgeball wall."

(at home)

Gelman's dad: Gelman, how dare you hijack Tara from King Bob?! You know King Bob's threat almost got him suspended! You are grounded grounded grounded for 6 days! Go to your room now!

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