Erika's dad-Steven


Gelman's dad-Simon


This is the sequel to Paulina gets Blamed.


Gelman: Erika, you are ungrounded forever. You can do whatever you want.

(Erika runs in excited)

Gelman: Yes! I ungrounded Erika!

Erika: Dad, Gelman just ungrounded me!

Steven: No! You are still grounded for throwing the basketball at the teacher and for lying to him by blaming Paulina!

Erika: Dad, blaming Paulina was supposed to be a secret joke no one should know but me!

Steven: Five words! It! Was! Not! A! Joke! Go to your room now!

Erika (running back in): Wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa!

(at home)

Gelman's dad: Gelman, how dare you unground Erika?! You know better than that!

Gelman: But Dad, Steven needs to respect her jokes at all times!

Gelman's dad: No! Getting someone else in trouble is not a joke! It's serious! You are grounded grounded grounded grounded for 5 days! Go to your room now!

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