Penelope's dad-Dave

Gelman's dad-Simon


At Penelope's house, Gelman was feeling sorry for Penelope.

Gelman: Penelope, I am sorry Eric hit you with a dodgeball. You are now ungrounded. You can do whatever you want. 

Penelope went back inside the house, feeling excited.

Penelope: Yes! I can't wait!

Gelman cheered.

Gelman: Yes! I ungrounded Penelope!

Ivy came out with her dad, feeling happy, while her dad was feeling horrified.

Penelope: Dad, Gelman just ungrounded me!

Penelope's dad scolded Gelman. 

Penelope's dad: Gelman, how dare you unground Penelope?! That's it, go home now!

Gelman went home, feeling dismayed.

Gelman: Oh no!

Penelope's dad scolded Penelope.

Penelope's dad: And Penelope, you are grounded, grounded, grounded for 12 days! 

Penelope was indignant.

Penelope: What?! Dad, this is the thanks I get and now you're disrespecting my sadness after Eric hit me with a dodgeball! 

Penelope's dad: Yes I am! Go to your room!

Penelope went back inside the house on the way to her room, crying.

Penelope: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Back home, Gelman's dad scolded Gelman.

Gelman's dad: Gelman, how dare you unground Penelope?! You know you can't do that at all! 

Gelman: But dad, Penelope's sadness should be respected after Eric hit her with a dodgeball.

Gelman's dad: I don't care! Only good people are allowed to unground Penelope, not you! You're only a bully to Miss Finster and the Third Street School! You're grounded for 12 days! Upstairs now!

Gelman went upstairs to his room, crying.

Gelman: (crying in Krzysztof's voice) Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! 


This episode is based on the same name of the Goanimate/Vyond video that was made on the Vyond Free Trial site and uploaded on Youtube on 24th May 2019

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