Gelman watches South Park and Gets Grounded is a Gelman gets grounded video for all Recess fans everywhere.

Transcript Edit

Gelman: I'm going to watch South Park. Because I'm bored.

(12 episodes later)

Gelman: Alright, that's a great show.

(Gelman's mom runs to his room, angrily)

Gelman: Oh no, it's my mom!

Gelman's mom: Gelman, how dare you watch South Park? You know you're too young to watch that show, and plus, it's for people who are 17 years old.

Gelman: But mom, I love South Park.

Gelman's mom: That's it, you're grounded for a week, which means no TV for a week, and you just wait until your father gets home. Go to bed now!


Joey as Gelman

Belle as Gelman's mum 

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