Sausage Party. More like "Stupid Party". Oh my god! This movie sucks. This movie is a ripoff of VeggieTales. Which was way better than this. This movie is the forst CGI movie that's rated R. It contains bad language, deaths, porn, and more. Thank god i never watched it and i mever will. Or else, it would be a waste of my time. And thank god this movie got Removed from Netflix in Auguat 23 of 2018. Do you know who likes this movie? All characters from The Nutshack. They want to join the cast. But they can't, because they are still grounded. And do you know who hates this movie? Kimela Productions. He made a rant on it. Sausage Party sucks. And so does Foodfight. Toy Story is so many times better than Sausage Party. End of rant.


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