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Hey guys, I decided to switch rants from my Peg+Cat remake into Pound Puppies. Why? because I already made Peg+Cat for season 1. and before I start this rant, to anyone who likes this show, i respect your opinion as long as you respect mines, but if you disrespecting my opinions, you will be blocked, terminated, and never welcome to my channel ever again!, sorry about that, anyways, enjoy!, Pound Puppies?! more like Growl Dummies! oh my god! this show sucks! This show involves 8 stupid looking dogs named Lucky, Cookie, Niblet, Strudel, Squirt, Rebound, Cupcake, and Patches! and they like to go on failure adventures together! Lucky is annoying! man, I bet if you ask him is the earth flat or a round, then he would say that the earth was flat! what?! it is so wrong! the earth is round! not flat!


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