Rolie Polie Olie?! more like Poopy Poopy Shit! oh my god! this show sucks! this show was a huge rip off to robots. one of my favorite Blue Sky movies. and Rolie Polie Olie is a toddler version of Robots. this show involves a stupid looking robot named olie and he likes to go on failure adventures with his family. Olie can't even speak right, just like Elmo and Oobi! I bet if you ask him is the sun a planet or a star, he will say that the sun is a planet. well, he's wrong! the sun is a star, not a planet! Zowie is a major cry baby! as seen in this picture, she can't take care of that stupid little star! Pappy always losing his teeth! as seen in this picture. Mr and Mrs. Polie sounds like that want to have sex or something, in other words, they suck! Spot always proves that he's smart, but he's actually, like really enough, what the heck is that shit! is he trying to go jumping for once, that's just stupid! and nobody gives the shit about the other characters! not 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 either, not even 10! you can't tell that nobody gives the shit about the other characters because they're not in this picture! they also has some pretty fucked up movies, like the great defender of fun! the great defender of fun?! no! more like the stupid defender of that fucking shit! this movie sucks! and it also has a movie called the baby bot chase! what?! the baby bot chase! no! more like the shitty bot failure! this movie is even worst than the great defender of fun! and this show is a 6.4 points at! stupid! the animation is trash, the stories are stupid, the writers are lame, the backgrounds are pointless, the songs are boring, the theme song is garbage, the voice actors are complete jerks, and the characters like to save sex at night, smoke pot, eat poop for dinner, drink pee when they're thirsty, go to school when it's time for school to begin, wearing diapers as their underwear, and jag off when they're bored! thank god this shit stink diaper got cancelled in 2004! and thank god it got taken off the air in 2014! do you know who likes this show? VTM on YT! he likes that show because it's childhood, but I respect this opinion. and do you know who hates this show? June from Kablam! she wants to kill olie and his family for good! so screw rolie polie olie! and screw little people! the powerpuff girls is 28,596


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