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Luna Minami?! more like Poppa Crapipi! oh my god! This user sucks! She used to be a good user in 2017, but, in June 2018, she has turned into a bad user by vandalising Sarah West, Sophie the Otter, and Elephant012's pages, spreading lies on the internet and putting fake, trash, garbage, rubbish, insulting, bullying, swearing and racist comments onto innocent users' videos! I wish this user was terminated for life! do you know who likes this user? Jeff 171! he wishes that he can be his girlfriend, but he can't because he sucks! do you know who hates this user? sophie the otter, elephant012, michael the vyond guy, sarah west, VTM on YT, and Pucca ftw Kid vs Kat sucks, they really want to kill her for good! so screw Luna Minami! and screw Jeff 171! kablam is 8,954 billion trillion million ga-zillion times better than luna minami!


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