NOTE: James, Vince the Sesame Street Fan Est. 2000 SEA PH and Elephant012, if you two like this show, I respect your opinion


The Lion Guard?! more like The Stupid Guard! oh my god! this show sucks! this show involves Kion and his friends going on failure adventures together, this show was a huge rip off to The Lion King! one of my favourite Disney movies! and the lion guard is a toddler version of The Lion King!, the animation is godawful, the songs are overated, and all of the characters look so ugly, i hope this show gets cancelled soon, do you know who likes this show, VTM On YT, A.K.A Vince The Sesame Street Fan Est 2000, but i respect his opinion, do you know who hates this show, Pucca FTW Kid Vs Kat sucks, he made a rant on it, so screw The Lion Guard, and screw Roary The Racing Car, The Lion King is over 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better than The Lion Guard, end of rant.


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