Eric and Paul voicesEdit

TJ Detweiler and Vince LaSSao

Lawson and Jocko

Randall Weems and Menlo

Randall Weems and Leonard Weems

Jocko's dad and Jocko

Eric and Paul

King Bob and Eric Foster

Hector and Captain Sticky 

Menlo's dad and Menlo

Randall and Douglas

Runt of the Litter and Chicken Little

Eric and Julie voicesEdit

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

Boris and Doris

Eric Cartman and his mum

Eric and Erika 

TJ Detweiler and Ashley Spinelli

King Bob and Shay Tara Steele

Lawson and Rachel Hart

Runt of the Litter and Abby Mallard

Joey and Steven voicesEdit

Jordan and Jerome 

Fenwick and Dr Phillium Benedict 

Digger Dave and Digger Sam

Gelman and Clyde Philmore

Koreo and Clyde Philmore

Koreo and Buster

Gelman and Fluttershy106

Gideon and Honest John

Evil Genius/David/Zack and Kayla voicesEdit

Caillou and Dora

Gus Griswald and Cornchip Girl

Eric and Wiseguy voicesEdit

Lawson and Mr Lawson (Lawson's dad)

Randall Weems and Miss Finster 

TJ Detweiler and Miss Finster

TJ Detweiler and Principal Prickly

Eric and Evil Genius/David/Zack voices Edit

Boris and Caillou

TJ Detweiler and Gus Griswald

Lawson and Johnny V. 

Eric and Joey voices Edit

TJ Detweiler and Mikey Blumberg

Lawson and Gelman

Lawson and Koreo

Lawson and Chucko Kowalski

Cy Kowalski and Chucko Kowalski 

Alan and Dave voicesEdit

Dark Bowser and Phineas T. Ratchet 

Kidaroo and Scary Voice voicesEdit

Barney and Cookie Monster

Grover and Cookie Monster 

Daniel and Tom voicesEdit

Apple and Onion

Hugh and Simon voicesEdit

Ren and Stimpy

Russell and James voicesEdit

Ren and Stimpy (Adult Party Cartoon)

Paul and Joey voicesEdit

Bob and Larry

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