In Fraggle Rock, at the lounge, Red Fraggle was asking Gobo Fraggle.

Red: Gobo, do you know what tomorrow is? 

Gobo: Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, Red. 

Red: I hope you write me a great Valentine's Day card. 

Gobo: Okay. 

Then Gobo went off to write Red a great Valentine's Day card. On Father's Day, Gobo, Wembley, Boober and Mokey brought in the Valentine's Day card for Red. Mokey gave the card to Red.

Red: That is such a lot for Valentine's Card, Mokey! Thank you!

Mokey: You're welcome, Red! 

Red: Wembley, it's your turn! 

Wembley gave the card to Red.

Red: That is such a lot for Valentine's Card, Wembley! Thank you!

Wembley: You're welcome, Red! 

Red: Boober, it's your turn! 

Boober gave the card to Red.

Red: That is such a lot for Valentine's Card, Boober! Thank you!

Boober: You're welcome, Red! 

Red: Gobo, it's your turn! 

Gobo walked up to Red, and he was sniggering. He gave the mean Valentine's Day card to Red. Red was horrified. Then she looked at the note, it says 'Dear Red Fraggle, you are such a stupid fraggle I've ever had, as well as the cynical, stupid and stubborn fraggle ever too! F*** you, Gobo.' Red was extremely angry and was throwing a fit. 

Red: Ooooooooooooooooh! Gobo, how dare you write me a mean Valentine's Day card?! That's it, you are grounded, grounded, grounded for a month! 

Boober: This means no TV, no video games, no Doc, no Sprocket, no pizza, no radish bars, no hotdogs, no exploring, no movies, no computer, no exploring with your Uncle Travelling Matt, no picking up radishes, and no Spongebob Squarepants! 

Mokey: You will watching shows that you hated!

Wembley: And you will be playing educational video games! 

Red: Go to your room now and never ever ever ever ever ever come out! 

Wembley: You heard what Red said! Go to your room while we go to the store and buy you some DVDs so you will be forced to watch shows that you hated!

Gobo went up to his room, crying.

Gobo: Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Professor as Gobo Fraggle

Allison as Red Fraggle

Princess as Mokey Fraggle

Kidaroo as Boober Fraggle

Joey as Wembley Fraggle 

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