Google Italian-himself


Penny's dad-Dallas

Ashley Andrews-Susan


Google Italian gets rewarded and this happened right after Penny called Miss Finster a boogerhead.


Google Italian: Penny, sono così arrabbiato con te per aver insultato Miss Finster! Ora grazie a te, ora viene inviata all'ospedale insano. L'ho avuto con le tue buffonate folli! Sei punito per 16 giorni! Vai nella tua stanza adesso!

(Penny runs in angry)

Google Italian: Sì! Ho punito Penny!

Penny: Dad, Google Italian just grounded me!

Penny's dad: Good! You deserve it for insulting Miss Finster and getting her sent to the insane hospital! Go to your room now!

Penny (walking back in): Will do Dad.

Penny's dad: Google Italian, thank you for grounding my daughter. Go home and make Ashley Andrews proud.

(at home)

Ashley Andrews: Google Italian, thank you for grounding Penny. She deserves it for inslting Miss Finster. That was even worse when Pyesiteu sprayed a fire extinguisher on us. You are ungrounded. You can do what you like.

Google Italian: Grazie mille Ashley. Sei il mio migliore amico.


Penny, I am so mad at you for insulting Miss Finster! Thanks to you, you got her sent to the insane hospital! I have had it with your crazy antics! You are grounded for 16 days! Go to your room now!

Yes! I grounded Penny!

Thank you very much Ashley. You're my best friend.

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