Gordan and Gerard are clones of Jordan and Jerome. They are Queen Barb's advisers. Both of them are Caucasian. Gordan is a lot rounder and shorter than his partner. He wears a blue sweatshirt, glasses, and blue jeans. He has black hair. Gerard is fairly slender, unlike his partner, Gordan. He wears a white t-shirt with a orange jumper and blue jeans. He has fairly black hair.

Gordan's voice: Alan

Gernard's voice: Dave

Fathers: Unknown

Mothers: Unknown

Friends: Queen Barb, Kay Carter Cole, CJ Rotweiler, Vance, Rigalli, Greta Grobler, Mickey, Rus Rimple, Sesame Boy, Miss Ropey, Mr. Boris Boyd, The Megans (sometimes) and Paul Prickly

Enemies: Dale Shulman, Eric Dawson, Craig Jones, Penrod Bendy and The Megans (sometimes)

Likes: Working for Queen Barb, telling everyone what to do and helping Queen Barb

Dislikes: Troublemakers causing trouble (mainly Dawson), being framed by troublemakers and being bothered by any troublemakers (mainly Dawson), letting Queen Barb down and any troublemakers disrespecting Queen Barb

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