Lieutenant Griswald-Dallas


This is why Chill Bully should not have a sister.


Gus: Man! I am so sick and tired of Chill Bully's sister Jade! She had to take him to school after he lied to his dad! That does it! I'm going to give that girl a dose of her own medicine!

(at Chill Bully's house)

Jade: Hi, who are you?

Gus Griswald: I am Gus Griswald! I'm so sick and tired of you grounding Chill Bully all the time! I wish you had cancer!

Russell: Gus Griswald, how dare you wish cancer on our daughter?!

Elizabeth: Now you made her cry thanks to you! That does it! We're calling your father!

Gus: No no no no no no no no no! Don't call my father!

Elizabeth: Too bad! We are calling your father and we're going to tell him what you said to our daughter! 

Gus runs away as Russell calls Lieutenant Griswald.

Lieutenant Griswald's voice: Hello, this is Lieutenant Griswald speaking.

Russell: Your son Gus wished cancer on our daughter Jade! Now she's crying and she can't stop! Can you ground him for this?

Lieutenant Griswald's voice: Absolutely not!

Elizabeth: What?!

Lieutenant Griswald's voice: How dare you try to get my son in trouble?! You know he hates Jade and he wished cancer on her for her own good! Now take her out of your family or else I will call the police on you!

Russell: Hey! You don't EVER threaten my wife like that! Your son made Jade cry so punish him right now!

Lieutenant Griswald's voice: For the last time, no! Good day!

Russell: But sir...

Lieutenant Griswald's voice (150% loud voice): I SAID GOOD DAY!

Lieutenant Griswald hangs up his phone in a huff.

After Gus comes in, his dad is now proud.

Lieutenant Griswald: Private, I just got off the phone with Jade's parents. They told me you wished cancer on their daughter.

Gus: Well Pop, I didn't like Jade because she's even worse than Gelman, Mundy, Skeens and much more.

Lieutenant Griswald: Thank you for wishing cancer on Jade. Now Chill Bully will be proud that he doesn't have a sister. You are now ungrounded. This means you will hang out with Cornchip Girl whenever you like.

Gus: Thanks Pop. You're the best.

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