Hannah Baker: Man. I can't believe it's LGBT Pride Month. I really hate gay people. What should I do?

*Thinks for a moment*

Hannah Baker: I know! I should ruin Pride Month. Hahahahahahahahahaha.

*goes outside*

Everyone: *talks about LGBT rights*

Woman #1: Yeah. I agree that we need LGBT rights in our community.

Hannah Baker: Hey guys! God hates gay people! Fuck fags!!! *starts destroying LGBT pride signs*

Woman #2: Stop that girl!!!

Man #1: I'll restrain her.

Hannah Baker: Hahahahahahaha. You can't stop me!

Man #1: *pins her down* Call the police!

Man #2: Okay. *starts dialing 911*

*sirens wail*

Officer #1: You're under arrest for ruining Pride Month. Get in the police car now.

Hannah Baker: Wawawawawawawawa.

Everyone: *continues celebrating Pride Month*

The end.

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