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Every day in the clubhouse is fun-but today's very special: it's Fung Pray's birthday!

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(We see the Ethereals preparing for Fung Pray's birthday)

Ghazt: Ok everyone! Tomorrow is Fung Pray's birthday. so we need to prepare!

Whisp: Why?

Ghazt: Because we have to. I will give each one of you a job.

Whisp: Let's begin!

Ghazt: Sox and Bellowfish. Wrap the gifts. Grumpyre and Humbug. Decorate the clubhouse. Whisp. Jeeode. Reebro. Boodoo. Arackulele. Nebulob. Dragong. Jellbilly. and Kazilleon. Make birthday cards for Fung Pray.

Dragong: Let's do this guys!

Ghazt: I will check on Fung Pray.

(Ghazt leaves)

(Cut to: The Bathroom)

Ghazt: Uh? What are you doing?

Fung Pray: I'm just getting ready because tomorrow it's my birthday.

(Fung Pray finishes taking a glitter shower)

(We see Fung Pray entering his room covered in glitter)

Ghazt: (Offscreen) Fung Pray. Are you ready. Your birthday party will be starting tomorrow!

Fung Pray: I'm coming. Ghazt!

(Fung Pray then gets out his bed covered in glitter. He then opens the door and goes downstairs as Ghazt soon follows him)

Part 1: Fung Pray's Birthday Surprise Edit

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Part 2: Presents for Fung Pray Edit

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Part 3: Fung Pray's Birthday wish Edit

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Part 4 finale: The end of Fung Pray's Birthday party Edit

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Songs used Edit

  1. Hooray! It's your birthday
  2. The Fiesta Song
  3. Growing
  4. Taking Turns
  5. Share Your Stuff
  6. Happy Birthday to me

Trivia Edit

  • This video focuses on Fung Pray due the plot happening on his birthday.
  • During Happy Birthday to Me. Some of the lyrics are removed.
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