(November 13, 2018)

Elora: Okay class, today we are going to do our class science.

Gumball Watterson: Is it Like Sci-fi?

Elora: Yes, where we can study the Planets.

Henry Evans: (whispers and go!)

(The Power ran Out)

(Elora becomes shocked)

Elora: Who Knock The Power Out at School?

Henry Evans: Is This What Sci-Fi Looks Like?

Lincoln Loud: Henry Evans, You Knock the Power Out at School.

Gumball Watterson: Now, We're Going Home Early until it gets back.

Elora: Did You Knock the Powerline at School?

Henry Evans: Yes I knock the Powerline at School.

Elora: That's it! Go to the principal's office right now!

Wendy Corduroy: Henry Evans, how dare you cause a power outage!


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